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Concrete Polishing is a multi-step polishing system that may start with an aggressive 30 grit metal bond diamond abrasive, and followed by finer diamond abrasives. A LITHIUM DENSIFIER is applied during the grinding stages, most likely after the 200 grit stage. This application, lithium densifier is one of the most crucial steps needed for the longevity of the surface polish, it changes the DNA of the concrete properties within, then  continue with finer diamond abrasives. The last step is reaching a 3000 grit diamond polish finish, that will give the concrete a natural shine.....

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We at Marble Grinding & Polishing, Inc., treat every job with care and consideration. We treat every job as if we were performing the work in our own home. When it comes to restoring marble or granite floors, we are very knowledgeable in bringing back the beauty and shine of your once beautiful marble or granite floor.
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